Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Cuckoo for Books Review: Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

   I'm writing this review literally two seconds after I finished this book, because oh my goodness I can't even contain my feelings. What. A. Novel. Whew. Pretty epic stuff happened in Sarah J. Maas' second installment of the Throne of Glass series. What's the opposite of a sophomore slump? A sophomore success? A sophomore spectacle? Well, whatever it is, this book is it. 

*Caution: A minefield of spoilers is coming your way, because all the bombshells in this book is what makes it so awesome. Brace yerselves.

   The book starts off shortly after the events of the first book: Celaena is now the King's Champion and as a result, is in charge of carrying out his dirty deeds. Soon, Cel is visited by another vision of Elena who gives yet another ominous you-must-save-the-world message. The rest of the book unfolds accordingly. 

   I said in my Throne of Glass that I was on the fence about the series being so magic-centric, instead of being a high fantasy series that was well-grounded in reality. Crown of Midnight took me even farther from that hope, because magic surrounds the plot more than ever. It was a smooth transition, though. My one complaint is about the main magical premise however: three magical objects are out there in the world that, if brought together, will give a person immeasurable power. WOW. THAT SOUNDS SO UNFAMILIAR AND NOT AT ALL LIKE THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. The plot also took its own sweet time to get the ball rolling; it was forever before some action happened. Last con is that I so badly wanted more Kaltain time, but unfortunately she only showed up in a total of like, 4 or 5 pages.

   Now that my cons are out of the way, allow me to share the oodles of pros Crown of Midnight had going for it. My love for Celaena grew even stronger in this book, which I did not think was possible. I love how she doesn't fall for the whole "destiny" schtick. She's also one of the few heroines cuss out their significant other for being overprotective, instead of falling at their feet, swooning over how totes romantic their bae is. Speaking of baes, let's talk about the bae of the book: Chaol Westfall. Oh man. Ohhhhh man. That dance under the stars had me giggling like a 13-year-old fangirl. It was all too sweet. I also loved that at that exact moment, Nehemia and Dorian were watching them (and probably singing "and they'll never be royaaaaals..."). 

    I refuse to talk about Nehemia. I just...shhh, let's just not. Let's just talk about Dorian and the fact that he has magical powers!!! I totally though Cel was going to end up with the magic, but surprise, surprise, it's my bb Dory. But while we're on the topic of Cel and magic,  that ending was AH-MAZING. It was a theory I kept tossing back and forth in my mind: "OMG she's totally the heir....nahhh, no way is it her...but it would make sense!....No, no it wouldn't....OH MY GOSH SHE TOTALLY IS I KNEW IT!"

   Despite the slow beginning, I liked the pacing of the rest of the novel; it felt like a true epic adventure. Oh! And before I end this review, I'll mention another favorite part of mine: MORT. I love that little body-less bugger. 

   I have one teeny favor to ask of all you Filipino book bloggers out there: Have you guys seen any copies of Heir of Fire? I absolutely have not, and I NEED IT IN MY HANDS RIGHT THIS SECOND.


Cuckoo Rating: 9/10

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