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Book Creatures of the Night

   This tag was created by Katytastic, an awesome BookTuber, and although I have yet to gather enough bravery to launch my own vlog, I thought I could do this tag in blog form! Plus, this eerie season of Halloween comes but once a year, and what better time to write this post? 

   I'm going to extend an olive branch and say that my favorite vampire is Carlisle Cullen. 

Looking for this chapter was the first time I'd opened this book in eons.
   WHOA WHAT IS SALVE CHOOSING A TWILIGHT VAMPIRE?!? Yes. Yes I am. I am feeling particularly generous today. Plus I decided to put the Blue Bloods coven under "Angels" so really, I had no other choice. But even while I read the books and watched the movies, I absolutely loved Carlisle. I felt like he was the redeeming character of the series. I mean, think about it. Some immortals choose to spend eternity cavorting about and wreaking havoc on humanity (though there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, cough, Magnus Bane). Instead, Carlisle spent his centuries bettering himself, because he knew he was more than just a cold-blooded killer. And when Peter Facinelli walked on screen, he just was Carlisle. There is no one who could've been a better casting choice.



Daine in wolf form, I guess. I remember buying a shirt from Zara because it looked like this.
    No, okay, so technically Daine isn't a werewolf, but she is a human who can shapeshift into animals, notably in the second book, a wolf. So I think maaaybe that counts? I guess for general YA, this choice is a tad obscure, but guess what? How about you make it not obscure and familiarize yourself with TAMORA PIERCE CHARACTERS. Yes, this choice was made as a part of my crusade to get all y'all to love Tammy Pierce. If you want a more relatable wolfie, I'll just throw Lupin's name out there, because, hello, tell me you know a Potterhead who doesn't love Lupin, and I will tell you are a liar. 

Jesse going "Nooo Susannah don't do that stupid thing you're probs about to do"
   I didn't even have to think about this. Jesse de Silva from Meg Cabot's Mediator novels! Like I've said before, I rarely turn into a swooning, in-love-with-love fangirl, but Jesse makes me collapse into a pile of Salve-feels. Lemme tell you a little bit about this guy: He is a ghost from the 1800s, and therefore imbues all the gallantry of the time period. He carries a handkerchief. He calls Suze by her whole name, Susannah, which I think is just plain adorable. He protects our protag, Suze Simons like the dashing white knight he is, although he and Suze both know she doesn't need help in the ass-kicking department. He *spoiler alert* stops haunting her room and moves away because he doesn't want to get tempted to frickle frackle. I could go on forever about this boy, but I won't. Just hop on the Jesse train and fall in love, won't you?


   I WONDER WHO MY CHOICE COULD BE. It's certainly not a dark-haired, green-eyed, bespectacled boy with a lightning-shaped scar.

Fetus Radcliffe.

Just kidding, it totally is.

   Do you guys ever have those series that you feel is yours, and yours alone? I'm not talking about books that you absolutely love but feel is underrated, and you just want the whole world to know of its awesomeness (i.e, Tamora Pierce novels). I'm talking about those books you might've discovered as a kid. It doesn't have to be your favorite series. Maybe nobody aside from you has heard of it. Whatever it is, there's a connection you have to it.
The Faerie Path by Frewin Jones would be that series for me. Tania and her sisters are characters I grew up with and even though I haven't read the series in years, I can still remember the books so vividly. Out of the seven princesses, Sancha the bookworm would be my pick.


  I was seriously debating whether or not the supernatural characters in Blue Bloods fell under the category of vampire or angel, because they are technically both. But I chose to put them under angels, and my favorite angel would definitely be Mimi Force. She's sexy and she knows it. She's richer than Trump. She can kick ass. She has the world at her fingertips. She's like, the Beyoncé of the supernatural world. 

    If you haven't read The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer yet, I suggest you pass over this category, because my choice is just one giant spoiler alert. My favorite alien ever, ever, ever, would definitely be Cinder. I love that she's not a pining, swooning, fangirling girl like her Disney counterpart was. She shows up to the ball in a tattered gown and she couldn't care less. And, of course, there's the whole bad-assery of being part cyborg. Sorry Walt, my man, but not even a fairy godmother and talking mice could beat being a cyborg.

   Kingsley Martin-- OMG NO MAGNUS BANE. Yep. Magnus Bane from Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunter Chronicles . I had a hard time choosing a demon because, let's face it, how many literary demons are there who aren't either lackeys of the villain or the villain themselves? How many actually have the gift of speech? Well, okay, there are some out there, (like Magnus' father, but ew) but MAGNUS BANE. He's only part-demon (and part-Asian, wootwoot), yeah...but...MAGNUS BANE. I can't say anything more. Let's just repeat his name again. ~*MAGNUS BANE*~

                                                    -SUPERPOWERED HUMAN-
   My Grisha babies!!!! I love Leigh Bardugo's Grisha trilogy, and the idea of all these people with superpowers training in a beautiful palace for the King's Army. My favorite Grisha babies would definitely be Genya & David. OTP, bro, OTP. I always thought about what order of Grisha I'd be in, and I think I'd be a Tidemaker of the Etherealki. On a related note, I am so excited for Leigh Bardugo's upcoming Six of Crows, which also takes place in the Grisha universe!!!

   So that's it for my Book Creatures of the Night tag! I challenge all of you reading this to  do this tag; I personally had tons of fun doing it. Happy Halloween, everyone!


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