Saturday, 4 October 2014

Bookhaulin' Like A Boss

Hey there, my beautiful bookworms! Today I had myself a merry little bookhaul (ugh, Salve, it's way too early for Christmas references), which I have not done in a while, mostly because my unread bookshelf has been steadily growing and haunting my dreams. But what with all the new book releases these past few months, I put the hundred unread books out of my mind for today and hit the bookshop.

Melanie Dickerson's Fairy Tales
   To be honest, I've never finished a Melanie Dickerson novel, but her name pops up whenever you Google "YA fairytale retellings", so her books have been on my wish list for quite some time. I've never actually come across physical copies, though, so imagine my surprise when I found all three sitting side by side on the bookshelf!

Inglorious Royal Marriages by Leslie Carroll
   I love Leslie Carroll's books! I've previously read Notorious Royal Marriages, as well as Royal Affairs (loved them both to bits), and Royal Pains is back in my dorm room waiting to be read. I'm so happy that I was able to find this new one, because her books are seriously harder to track down than a unicorn. I'm not too sure what sets a notorious royal marriage from an inglorious one, though. 


Trial By Fire by Josephine Angelini and Blackbird by Anna Carey
   To have these books in my possession makes me so giddy. About a month ago, they made my "Top 10 Upcoming September Releases" list, and I still can't believe they're finally in my hands. I've been a longtime fan of both these authors, who, by the way, are both extremely underrated. You guys should really do yourselves a favor and pick up their books. They're excellent! 
***I did not get paid to say that. Heck. I don't get paid to do anything on this blog. 

The Iron Trial by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare
   Ahhh, this book. I feel like this book is the Adele album of YA: you've heard about it a long time coming, but you really have no idea when its release date would be. This cover is giving off some serious Percy Jackson vibes, which I love. These two authors have both made quite the name for themselves in the fantasy YA genre (Holly Black is the author of like, a billion YA books, and Cassie Clare is the legend that brought us all those Shadowhunter books), so this book should be epic.

Legacy by Cayla Kluver
   Before today, I'd never even heard of these series, but the high fantasy premise intrigued me, so I took a leap of faith. I started it on the ride home, and I'm impressed so far. Just try to ignore that disgusting, generic, looks-like-a-tawdry-romance-novel cover.

Eight books later, I am one happy bookworm. Of course, I also ended up feeding the monster that is my unread bookshelf. I'm thinking of giving the thing a name. Any suggestions, bookworms?


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